Facebook for public relations

According to Facebook’s statistics page Facebook has over 500 million active users. 150 percent use Facebook‘s mobile applications, and 50 percent log on to Facebook at least once daily. An average user spends 700 billion minutes per month logged on. Users interact with over 900 million objects. Facebook fan pages provide companies a way to promote themselves and their product to the world for free. Facebook recently reached out to the public relations industry with an event to showcase particular things that Facebook can contribute to public relations. Attendees ranged from eBay to the well known public relations firm Ogilvy. The Facebook team introduced live video streaming of special events and finely-targeted marketing pitches that could play a potential role in public relations. David Robbins, agent for PageOne Public Relations, discussed the use of Facebook groups and pages as public relations strategies. He concluded that with each update you increase your chance of the information going viral and reaching more users. Pages and groups are specifically designed to allow Facebook users the chance to connect to other users with the same interest. Pages are designed for a company or organization to gain fans. Groups can be about any topic. When PageOne Public Relations was looking to use Facebook as a campaign tactic they chose to create a page instead of a group. They felt as if pages were more useful for multiple reasons such as the suggest to a friend feature and the wall where fans can interact. You can read more on their decision here. One example of a successful Facebook fan page is the Coca-Cola fan page. Coca-Cola chose to allow its fans to post on its wall, which most brands are hesitant to do. By allowing this sort of interaction you can see all the comments about Coca-Cola, good and bad. This concept allows users to see that Coca-Cola cares about everything their fans have to say about their product. The page also has 22 photo albums, not just of brand images but of workers, events and fans. Coca-Cola does a good job of incorporating its fans into everyday business. To see other great fan pages click here.

Still not sure about using Facebook for public relations? Take a look at this short slide show on the do’s and don’ts of creating a successful public relations campaign on Facebook.


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