Public relations and Twitter

Twitter is a real-time network that delivers ‘what’s happening now’ news to millions of users with the click of one button.  With Twitter being offered in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish you can reach anyone in any country. Who twitters? With 105 million users the question we should be asking is who doesn’t twitter? From businesses to students to CEO’s to celebrities it is hard to find a person who doesn’t, at the bare minimum, follow people on Twitter. But how can you use Twitter to contribute to your public relations? In a publication produced by Lawrence Ragan Communications titled “How PR pros can use Twitter”, Jane Irene Kelly wrote an excellent article titled “Is Twitter right for your company?” Below are a few things worth mentioning:

  • With the economy the way it is, it isn’t a bad idea to use Twitter as a way to connect with customers and keep them updated.
  • Twitter is a good way to connect with people who mention your brand. When someone is upset they usually tell everyone. If they are upset with your brand or company you can connect with them and solve the issue.
  • Twitter can provide up to date news to those who follow you.

In that same publication, Gerard Braud gave tips on successful tweeting:

  • Think before you tweet-Do you really want everyone to know that?
  • Weigh the pros and cons-Ask yourself , “Can this be taken out of context?”, or “Does this statement have any legal ramifications?”
  • Don’t get too comfortable-Your audience is not your best friend. Your audience is your clients, employers and customers.
  • Be congruent-Make sure your actions match your words.

Lawrence Ragan Communications publication on Twitter is very informative. Check it out here.

A successful Twitter campaign catches the eye of its audience in a good way. One example of a successful campaign was created by Maggiano’s Little Italy. Their goal was to promote their restaurant and they decided to do so by holding a Twitter contest. They gave away gift certificates to the restaurant and increased their Twitter audience by a few thousand within one day. This not only increased their audience but got followers excited about having a great dinner at their restaurant.

Still not sure about using Twitter for public relations? Take a look at this short slideshow on what to do when creating a successful public relations campaign on Twitter.


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