Landing a job!

As crazy as it may seem, companies are looking to hire social media experts, however; don’t let this job title fool you. You won’t be playing on Facebook and Twitter all day.  With the social media world booming and public relations clinging to the changes you can expect to find wanted ads for digital public relations consultants or social media specialist. What does a person have to do to land one of these jobs? In a story on Mashable by Stephanie Marcus called HOW TO: Land a Career in Digital Public Relations, she provides us with a list of tips to help public relations professionals land the job. She starts by explaining that today’s public relations is quickly conforming to the ways of social media. Many public relations programs do not include digital and social media, so it is a good idea to find classes that will incorporate those two things. She also suggests applying for as many internships as possible.  Next, Marcus suggests that the job seeker know the industry inside and out. You may have a Facebook and a Twitter, but that does not mean you are experienced in the industry. Becoming an active reader on blogs that discuss the industry isn’t a bad idea. Just because you know what is going on with social media now does not mean that you should not look into its future. Next, Marcus suggests being creative. You are not the only one applying for the job. You want to stand out from the crowd.  Create your own personal blog where you discuss the digital public relations trend. You can share this link with potential employers. Lastly, Marcus warns us to know where to draw the line. Do not add potential employers on LinkedIn or Facebook solely because you submitted your resume to their company. You want to come across as determined, not pushy. Do research on the company you are interested in. This should give you an idea of how relaxed the company may or may not be.

If you are interested in finding a job in the public relations field that is based around social media, here are a few skills employers are looking for:

  • Communication skills
  • Writing skills
  • Top-notch social skills
  • Enthusiasm

For a brief explanation of these tips and more tips on landing a social media job click here.


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