Public relations and LinkedIn

Tapping into the social media aspect of public relations can be a little intimidating. You do not necessarily think of LinkedIn as a social media website, but in reality it is. LinkedIn’s mission is to contact the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. They allow for professionals to make connections with other professional and trustable contacts. The website currently has over 85 million members. It allows you to connect with peers, co-workers, professors, employees and employers. It is just another way to broaden your growing network of contacts.

LinkedIn is not only useful for current public relations professionals, but can be a great tool for aspiring professionals. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to upload your entire resume. It then automatically fills in your profile information for you. Once you have a professional profile created you can search for potential employers and companies you would be interested in working for. Remember that your online profile must remain professional. Do not post the embarrassing picture you took last night on your LinkedIn. That could be at turn off to the people you are connecting with. Think of your page as a tool employers use for screening you prior to your interview.

Social Small Biz blogged about the different ways to use LinkedIn successfully for PR.  Here are a few from the list:

1.User-friendly URL – Make sure the URL you create is one that is search engine friendly.

2. Set up a company profile – LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to create an entire profile dedicated to your company. Instead of personal information you can put company information.

3. SEO the company profile – Make sure you use searchable keywords so the profile is easy to find.

4. Create a group – People within the group are able to chat with each other.

5. List all events – Keep an updated schedule of events you are involved in.

6. Run polls – You can use this method when researching for campaigns.

For the entire article from Social Small Biz click here.

Most importantly, use LinkedIn to make connections (because that is what it’s all about). LinkedIn is professional, not personal, so you are sure to make contacts with legitimate people who could one day turn into great professional connections.


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