Traditional PR

Even though the new form of public relations is emerging, you can’t forget about the traditional tactics. A survey done by Jennifer Leggio of ZDNet questioned company leaders on their public relations agencies. Her purpose of the survey was to find out if social media was really what the clients wanted. She also wanted to find out exactly which agencies are developing social media programs.  One conclusion she came to was that traditional public relations should still be the main focus for clients. Her survey results stated that clients did not find it necessary to use social media. They prefered the traditional means of public relations to publicize their businesses. Another conclusion she made from her survey results was that clients wanted to be educated on social media. They are still skeptical on exactly what social media is and how it can be used for public relations purposes.  81 percent surveyed said they would attend a social media training workshop. For Leggio’s full report click here.

Aspects of public relations that will never go away: press releases, print ads, commercials and research.

Although many pubic relations agencies are sticking to the traditional form of PR, others are incorporating digital media. They are still creating press releases but are now sending them through e-mail and websites.

I think a combination of the two is useful for public relations purposes. You will always run across clients that prefer the traditional public relations and it will become important for you to be able to use that form. If you are planning to continue in the public relations field you will need to make sure you understand the social media aspects. It is going to be a tough trend to keep up with. Websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn add to the public relations sphere. They are websites aimed at forming relationships and connecting with people, which is essentially what public relations is for. The digital side of public relations will only help improve the traditional techniques. Digital cameras make photography instant, e-mail makes press releases easier to send to multiple people and social media makes connecting with people easier.


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