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Reasons to use social media

Social Media is becoming a well-known tool in the public relations field. Through my research I compiled a list of reasons to use social media:

1. Social media is cheaper – Pretty much any social media website you plan to use is free.

2. Social media allows better targeting – Some social media sites make you approve who sees your profile. This gives you better control over who you share your information with. Facebook and Twitter are known for this.

3. Social Media is fashionable – It’s like a fashion trend that will be around for a long time. Even the most highly respected people use it.

4. Social media can reach a wide audience – Not only is it mostly free, but you can widen your target range. You will only reach so many people with a television commercial, but with social media you can reach audiences all over the globe.

5. Social media interacts with SEO – You can use keywords to make your company profile stand out from the others.

6. Social media creates long-term relationships – Social media gives you the opportunity to share your news and updates with your followers for the long term.

7. Social media allows for customer service and feedback – You can get in contact with the consumer immediately through social media. Your goal is to maintain a positive relationship with the consumer.

8. Social media creates brand loyalty – Updates on the newest brands, coupons and sales keep your customers coming back for more.

9. Social media is versatile – You can pick from a variety of sites: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, FourSquare. If you just want people to follow you, Twitter might be your pick. If you want people to interact and advertise, Facebook would be a good tool.

10. Social media allows you to help others out – Follow other people and post interesting articles and links that your followers might find interesting.

11. Social media allows you to promote in a short and brief post – It will amaze you what 140 characters will do for your business.

In conclusion, it is time for everyone in public relations to jump on the social media bandwagon. It has a lot of good qualities that will make your promotion and interaction with customers a little more personal. If you are interested in more information on social media click here.


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Landing a job!

As crazy as it may seem, companies are looking to hire social media experts, however; don’t let this job title fool you. You won’t be playing on Facebook and Twitter all day.  With the social media world booming and public relations clinging to the changes you can expect to find wanted ads for digital public relations consultants or social media specialist. What does a person have to do to land one of these jobs? In a story on Mashable by Stephanie Marcus called HOW TO: Land a Career in Digital Public Relations, she provides us with a list of tips to help public relations professionals land the job. She starts by explaining that today’s public relations is quickly conforming to the ways of social media. Many public relations programs do not include digital and social media, so it is a good idea to find classes that will incorporate those two things. She also suggests applying for as many internships as possible.  Next, Marcus suggests that the job seeker know the industry inside and out. You may have a Facebook and a Twitter, but that does not mean you are experienced in the industry. Becoming an active reader on blogs that discuss the industry isn’t a bad idea. Just because you know what is going on with social media now does not mean that you should not look into its future. Next, Marcus suggests being creative. You are not the only one applying for the job. You want to stand out from the crowd.  Create your own personal blog where you discuss the digital public relations trend. You can share this link with potential employers. Lastly, Marcus warns us to know where to draw the line. Do not add potential employers on LinkedIn or Facebook solely because you submitted your resume to their company. You want to come across as determined, not pushy. Do research on the company you are interested in. This should give you an idea of how relaxed the company may or may not be.

If you are interested in finding a job in the public relations field that is based around social media, here are a few skills employers are looking for:

  • Communication skills
  • Writing skills
  • Top-notch social skills
  • Enthusiasm

For a brief explanation of these tips and more tips on landing a social media job click here.

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Public relations and Twitter

Twitter is a real-time network that delivers ‘what’s happening now’ news to millions of users with the click of one button.  With Twitter being offered in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish you can reach anyone in any country. Who twitters? With 105 million users the question we should be asking is who doesn’t twitter? From businesses to students to CEO’s to celebrities it is hard to find a person who doesn’t, at the bare minimum, follow people on Twitter. But how can you use Twitter to contribute to your public relations? In a publication produced by Lawrence Ragan Communications titled “How PR pros can use Twitter”, Jane Irene Kelly wrote an excellent article titled “Is Twitter right for your company?” Below are a few things worth mentioning:

  • With the economy the way it is, it isn’t a bad idea to use Twitter as a way to connect with customers and keep them updated.
  • Twitter is a good way to connect with people who mention your brand. When someone is upset they usually tell everyone. If they are upset with your brand or company you can connect with them and solve the issue.
  • Twitter can provide up to date news to those who follow you.

In that same publication, Gerard Braud gave tips on successful tweeting:

  • Think before you tweet-Do you really want everyone to know that?
  • Weigh the pros and cons-Ask yourself , “Can this be taken out of context?”, or “Does this statement have any legal ramifications?”
  • Don’t get too comfortable-Your audience is not your best friend. Your audience is your clients, employers and customers.
  • Be congruent-Make sure your actions match your words.

Lawrence Ragan Communications publication on Twitter is very informative. Check it out here.

A successful Twitter campaign catches the eye of its audience in a good way. One example of a successful campaign was created by Maggiano’s Little Italy. Their goal was to promote their restaurant and they decided to do so by holding a Twitter contest. They gave away gift certificates to the restaurant and increased their Twitter audience by a few thousand within one day. This not only increased their audience but got followers excited about having a great dinner at their restaurant.

Still not sure about using Twitter for public relations? Take a look at this short slideshow on what to do when creating a successful public relations campaign on Twitter.

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Social Media – What is it?

Public relations is used daily by organizations and single individuals to promote and inform. In 1982 the Public Relations Society of America adopted a definition of public relations that is still accepted today: “public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.” Public relations acts as a form of counseling, research, planning, analyzing and interpreting. But how does public relations mix with the social media and what exactly is the social media? Social media is not the newspapers people read or the radio talk shows they listen to, but can rather be described as an ever-changing, constantly updated news feed. Social media allows its viewers to immediately interact with each other. Two of the most well known social media sites are Facebook and Twitter, but social media does not just end with those. It can also include things like blogs, wikis and podcasts. How are these sites and others like them relevant to a public relations professional? It is simply another way to promote and enhance a client, and with smart phones being all the rage your latest tweet or post can go directly to your audience. Boomerang Digital Communications believes public relations and its relationship with social media is where the focus lies now and could possibly be the biggest cultural shift in decades. The days of the old public relations techniques are over. Social media allows real time feedback from your audience instantly. The Internet provides an opportunity to reach to an audience all over the world. That audience can monitor your clients every action 24 hours seven days a week. Unfortunately, not every public relations agency has caught on to this technique and it is sad to say but they do not know what they are missing out on. Now days, one can expect a potential client to ask about Internet savvies, meaning does one blog, Twitter or Facebook. Because the media industry is so rapidly adapting to this new form of public relations, the public relations individual will have to learn quick. If one majors in public relations and is not ready for this type of on-line work, get ready. As stated in an article on Social Media Explorer, social media is a method of communications and is public relations in the on-line world.

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